Thursday, February 11, 2010

Who are the AFC's most efficient pass rushers?

  • I debated whether or not to include Lawrence Timmons' sack% due to him being an ILB and the fact that he doesn't necessarily pass-rush but instead blitzes.  But I chose to insert him anyway because he occasionally blitzes from an OLB position which is something few other ILBs do.
  • No one outside of the CFL and Miami probably knows who Cameron Wake is but this guy was an absolute stud in the limited playing time he got.  His play is the reason why Joey Porter wants out of Miami because Peezy would start losing even more snaps to Wake in 2010 just like he did to James Harrison in 2006.
  • Despite rushing the QB 161 more times than the much maligned Shawne Merriman, Terrell Suggs just had 1/2 sack more than Merriman.
  • For those of you that think Freeney and Mathis are simply a product of the Colts' defensive scheme and benefit from the turf surface of Lucas Oil: Raheem Brock had a .61% and Keyunta Dawson did not sack the QB in 159 pass-rush attempts.

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