Wednesday, February 24, 2010

NFL WR Catch % (35-50 Receptions)

This chart shows the Catch % of the NFL wide receivers who had in between 35 and 50 receptions in 2009. This is different than the catch % you may have seen on other sites because this chart completely removes the QB out of the equation. Other sites describe catch % as the number of receptions divided by the number of times targeted. This is simply the number of receptions divided by the number of catchable passes (receptions/(receptions + drops)). For example, if a player had 90 receptions but 10 drops then his catch % would be (90/(90+10)) = 90%. Poor, off-target passes are taken out of the equation so this gauges a receiver's hands instead of factoring in his QB's ability (or inability) to deliver an on-target pass.


  1. Part of being a WR is running the correct route. If they run the wrong route, your 'catch %' formula doesn't take that into accout. Therefore, it is fatally flawed.

  2. Where is Camarillo?