Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Look at PER Compared to Salary for 2010 NBA All Stars

  • Any player named to the All-Star team (injured or not) is represented in this chart.  Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Brandon Roy, and Allen Iverson will not play.
  • The player with the highest salary who did not make the All-Star team is Tracy McGrady.  His salary of $23,239,561 leads the NBA.  If he doesn't play again this season then McGrady would have made $500,000 for every minute he's played this year.
  • The player with the highest PER who did not make the All-Star team is Kevin Love whose player efficiency rating is 22.71 which is 12th in the NBA and puts him in between Kobe Bryant and Brandon Roy.  
  • Greg Oden will finish the season with a PER of 23.43 which is currently 8th in the NBA.
  • Among the 12 players who will dress for each team, only 6 from the East and 5 from the West actually beat the linear trend line.

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