Thursday, January 14, 2010

Will Pete Carroll go after his former Trojans?

Now that Pete Carroll is at the helm of Seattle, it's time to start wondering if he will try to lure some of his former USC players to his new team. It's certainly not uncommon as Steve Spurrier did the exact same thing with the Redskins. Once he joined the NFL, Spurrier signed former Gators such as Danny Wuerffel, Shane Matthews, and Jacquez Green. So what former Trojans could Carroll sign or trade for?
  • John David Booty - Booty was with the Vikings before the Favre saga but he was cut and now all he has is a "future contract" with the Texans. Yes, that's the exact name of the contract. He would be the 3rd string QB (behind Schaub and Rex Grossman) or in other words one misstep from being out of the league. The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Hasselbeck could be traded to Cleveland to reunite with Mike Holmgren which would open the need for a QB. No, Booty is not starting material but he could be the guy who helps teach Carroll's system to whichever QB the Seahawks draft in the first round.
  • LenDale White - White clearly won't be getting many touches in Tennessee with CJ there and he is also a restricted free agent after completing his rookie contract. If the Titans elect not to tender him (and there's a good possibility that they won't) then I could see White going to Seattle to form another thunder and lightning backfield with Justin Forsett who has a similar skill set to Reggie Bush.
  • Dwayne Jarrett - A 2x All-American at USC, Jarrett has undoubtedly underachieved in Carolina with only 33 receptions in 3 years. From Mike Williams to Jarrett to Patrick Turner, Carroll has always liked him big, tall receivers who are redzone threats. If Muhsin Muhammad retires or is released then Carolina will likely keep Jarrett but if Moose sticks around another year, then I could see him asking for a trade. Besides, Carolina's offense is tailored to their 2 RBs and Steve Smith which doesn't leave much action for the rest of the skill players.
  • Reggie Bush - I threw him in here because there is the minute possibility that the Saints could try to trade him if Bush doesn't agree to restructure his contract that would pay him $8 Million in 2010. Of the players on this list, Bush becoming available has the smallest chance of happening but if he does then Carroll bringing him to Seattle has the best chance of happening out of all the players mentioned.

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