Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Look at Yards Gained after Contact for each NFL RB

Rushing yards after contact is one of my favorite statistics to evaluate because it tells you so much about the running back as well as the offensive line. For the chart below, the higher your percentage is then the better your running back is independent of his O-line. Conversely, the lower the percentage then the better the RB's O-line/FB is at creating space.

  • Exactly 50% of Thomas Jones' yards (701 of 1402) were gained after contact-the lowest percentage among starting RBs. That is a great testament to the Jets' O-line (and Tony Richardson) creating space for Jones to run. But his teammate and postseason star Shonn Greene had over 64% of his yards gained after contact which makes you wonder how he would have done given a full load.
  • Thomas Jones' brother, Julius Jones, was 31st in rushing yards so he just missed the cut be he had 66% of his yards gained after contact.
  • Larry Johnson wasn't among the top 30 rushers but of the 50 players with at least 100 rushing attempts, he had the highest percentage of yards gained after contact with 77.4%.
  • Others who topped 70% but weren't among the top 30 rushers: Clinton Portis (71.1%), Tim Hightower (71.4%), Michael Bush (71.6%), and Jason Snelling (73.9%), and Marshawn Lynch (75%).
  • Other notables include: Tashard Choice (35.5% - lowest in league), Reggie Bush (36.9%), Brian Westbrook (46%), and Ronnie Brown (68.5%).


  1. I love Leon Washington, but you cant bump Greene to number 1, and have leon washington at 2. wont work. We would need to replace Jones in the draft/free agency

  2. What...? Why not? Greene deserves a chance to start.

  3. Where were you able to find Yards after Contact stats? Do you have stats for all backs?