Thursday, April 8, 2010

What NFL players would benefit from a position change?

  • Reggie Bush (RB to WR): This one was the easiest as anyone who watches Bush play can clearly tell that he's not someone that seeks contact which is what you want out of your running backs.  A move to WR will give him the opportunity to avoid those 250 lb. linebackers and instead match up with the similarly-sized cornerbacks.  I think Bush would excel in a DeSean Jackson-type role; that way he would line up full-time at WR but could still occasionally run the ball on reverses, end-arounds, etc.-just not in between the tackles.

  • Brandon Manumaleuna (TE to OL): Even though Jim Kleinsasser of the Vikings is the best blocking tight end in the league, he doesn't have the size to play OL.  However, Brandon Manumaleuna of the Bears certainly does.  He's only 6'2" but he weighs 295 lbs. which is 25 lbs. more than the next heaviest tight end in the league.  There is precedent for a tight end switching to the O-line later in the player's career: Larry Brown started at TE for the Steelers during their Super Bowl wins in 1974 and 1975 and then at RT for their Super Bowl wins in 1978 and 1979.  In more recent times, Dwayne "House" Carswell played tight end, tackle, and guard with the Broncos earlier this decade.  Manumaleuna isn't much of a receiving threat with only 3 receptions this season and besides, does the guy in the picture below look like someone that should be running a receiving route?

  • Roy Williams (S to OLB): This is long overdue as scouts have thought Williams should play safety ever since he was drafted in 2002.  Though he is lighter than the weight he played at in Dallas, he is still stout enough to hold up at weakside linebacker.  His struggles in coverage are well documented (highlighted by this video) and he hasn't had an interception since September...of 2007.  Don't be blinded by the 5 Pro Bowls he's made as the last couple were off of reputation.  In order for him to move to LB and remain a starter, he will likely have to change teams as the Bengals currently have a pair of high-drafted, former USC Trojans (Rey Maualuga and Keith Rivers) currently manning those positions.

    • Phillip Buchanon (CB to WR): When I first saw Buchanon play with the Raiders, I thought that he would be next Deion Sanders.  Uhh, I was a bit of with that comparison.  Buchanon was a playmaker back then and still is one today.  For someone who has 8 career non-offensive touchdowns, he needs to have the ball in his hands more often.  Also, if you can't even start at CB in Detroit, then how do you think you'll be able to start anywhere else?  He should take a cue from the guy who replaced him at CB at UM, Devin Hester, and switch to a position where he can show why Deion Sanders gave him the nickname of "Showtime" in his days in Oakland.
    • Ted Ginn, Jr. (WR to CB): He's proven that he can't catch the ball so he should switch to cornerback and join all the other 4.3 40-yard-dash guys that can't catch a cold.  I'm only half-joking as I'm writing this.

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